Work & Play Doubles

TCP Work & Play Doubles, presented by Michael Kirsch - Your Favorite Mortgage Lender, is a free event to participate in and a chance for you to give back to the local DG community.

On the 2nd Saturday (or Sunday - depending on schedule conflicts) of each month from February through October, we will conduct a morning workday session at rotating Triangle area courses, in coordination with the local course club and/or parks department.  We will take a one-hour lunch break - free pizza lunch to the first 20 attendees - before having a random doubles round at the course in the afternoon.  While there is no cash prize to be awarded, we will be tracking volunteer hours AND your performance during the doubles games and award trophies to the top 3 point finishers!  Points will be based on your volunteer time and doubles score.


All dates and locations are subject to change, based on availability of the course owners/managers. 


March 12 - Wendell - Jason Gelband
April 9 - UNC - Mike Kirsch
May 14 - Kentwood - Jason Gelband
June 11 - Zebulon - Mike Kirsch
July 9 - Private Course TBD - Mike Kirsch
August 14 - Chuck's Choice - Jason Gelband
September 10 - Cedar Hills - Mike Kirsch
October 15 - TBD - Mike DeCellis

Work Session - 9am to 12pm

Work Session will begin at 9am and end at 12pm.  There will be a registration sheet available for participants to enter their name and "Time In".  You are welcome to come at anytime between the Work Session timeframe, in order to be eligible to play doubles.  For each 15 minute interval you work/participate, you will earn 3 points.

We will announce if there are any specific tools needed for each workday, but at a minimum bring gloves, loppers, rakes and saws are recommended.

Lunch Break - 12pm to 1pm

Mike Kirsch, Your Favorite Mortgage Lender, is sponsoring a free lunch for the first 20 attendees (likely pizza) to be available.

Doubles - 1pm to 4pm 

You ARE able to participate in the doubles game, if you do not attend the Work Session.  After the Lunch Break, we will pair up doubles teams, randomly (disc flip, etc.), and play a round.  Tees/layout will be determined prior to the round.  Points will be awarded similar to how we apply points to Glow Doubles - 1 point for attending, 1 point for each team you defeat, 1 point for each stroke under par and 5 points for winning.

Points Championship

At the end of the season, the top 3 players with the highest point totals (both the Work Session and Doubles points) will win a prize.