Date - August 30, 2015.  Registration 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM.  Players Meeting at 8:45 AM. Round starts at 9:00 AM.

Course - Apex Nature Park (White Tees)

Entry - $25

Divisions - Open, Advanced & Amateur (division count must be divisible by 4)

Four 9-hole matches and a final 9 for the finalists

To register, please use the below link.  Saying you are attending via the Facebook invite WILL NOT register you for the event.

Registration -

Where is my entry fee going?  $2 to Apex P&R, $2 to Apex Flight Club (pays for the maintenance of the course), $4 to TCP (pays for the awards, scorecards), $1 to Ace Pool, $1 to Open division, $3 to Peak Lab Rescue ( - becuase everyone needs a disc golf dog).  $13 to division payout.  $100 in cash is being added - $60 to Open, $20 to Advanced, $20 to Amateur.

What are the prizes?  All players will be getting a small players pack - mini, other items still being determined.  Paying out top 40% in each division (Open & Advanced - Cash; Amateur - Merchandise)

What if my division count isn’t divisible by 4?  In order to have even matchups, divisions must be divisible by 4.  If your division isn’t, the remaining players will be put on a waitlist, until the division is divisible by 4.  Example, if 14 players register for Advanced.  12 players will make the division pool, and the next 2 players will be on the waitlist, until 2 more players register.  Players who prepay will be ranked higher on the registration list than players that do not.

What is Match Play? Scoring consists of individual holes won, halved or lost. On each hole, the most that can be gained is one point. Play proceeds as normal, counting the strokes taken on a given hole. The player with the lowest score on a given hole receives one point.  If the players tie, then the hole is halved.  For example, in an 9-hole match, the first hole is a par 3 and Player A scores a 2 (birdie) and Player B scores a 3 (par); Player A is now 1-up with 8 to play. In the same match on the second hole, a par 3, Player A takes 5 strokes and Player B takes 3 (par); Player B wins the hole and the match is now "all square" with 7 to play. On the third hole, a par-3, both players take 3 strokes and the match is all square with 6 holes to play. Once a player is "up" more holes than there are holes remaining to play the match is over. For example, if after 7 holes Player A is 3-up with two left to play, Player A is said to have won the match "3 and 2".

A player that is leading by x holes with x holes remaining is said to be "dormie-x" or simply "dormie", meaning that they need one more halved hole to win the match (or that the other team must win all the remaining holes in order to halve the match). For example, if Player A is 2-up with 2 to play, he is dormie; the worst outcome for Player A at that point is a tie, unless the format calls for extra holes to determine a winner.