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Teamsters Rules

Teamsters is a 10-event season, pitting teams against each other at rotating courses. Teams are selected at each event.  All events will be match play.  While this is a team-based league at each event, there is an individual point series on the season.  The top 3 individual season point totals will be awarded prizes at the end of the season. Anyone may participate. You do not need to bring a team with you.

2014 Schedule

Venue is subject to change based on a tournament or existing event.  Registration will be from 5:15pm to 5:45pm sharp. There will be no accepted entries after 5:45pm, since we need to create teams in order to tee-off by 6pm.

Regular-Season Schedule

Game 1 - July 9 - Buckhorn

Game 2 - July 16 - UNC

Game 3 - July 23 - Cedar Hills

Game 4 - July 30 - Valley Springs (18 holes)

Game 5 - August 6 - Zebulon

Game 6 - August 13 - Apex Nature Park

Game 7 - August 20 - Southern Community (Dogwood)

Game 8 - August 27 - Bethesda Park

Game 9 - September 3 - Kentwood

Game 10 - September 10 - Cornwallis


Teams of 4 players will be determined, based on skill level, by random selection.  If there are an odd number of players that are not able to establish equal teams of 4, they will be randomly added to a team (and required to split the winnings amongst that team).

Entry fee for each event is $5 ($3 to payout, $1 Bag O’Bucks, $1 to TCP).

There are 4 classifications to register as: Open (PDGA rated 950 or higher).  Advanced (rated 925 to 949).  Intermediate (rated 900-924).  Recreational (rated 899 or less).  Your rating will likely change as you play the season, so please register at your current rating, regardless if it is a different classification from one event to the next.  If you do not have a PDGA rating, please speak with TCP officials at the time of registration and they will assign you to the appropriate classification.  

After registration is completed, players will be assigned seeds (A through D) to each team.  Starting with A, players will be drawn and assigned to a team.  Continuing in order through B, C and then D - until all players have been assigned a seed on each team.

Because you register as an A player, doesn’t mean you will be seeded #1 on a team.  It is based on the number of players that attend and what classification they are assigned to.

Seeds will play against each other to determine winners in a match play format.  Team with the most points at the end of the game will win.


3 games will occur at each match.  2 singles games and 1 doubles game.  Seeds will be assigned to the singles or doubles match randomly, prior to the start of the round.  In singles, seeds will face off against each other in each match (A vs. A, B vs B, etc).

Match Play Scoring

All games are match play meaning scoring consists of individual holes won, halved or lost. On each hole, the most that can be gained is one point. Play proceeds as normal, counting the strokes taken on a given hole. The player/team with the lowest score on a given hole receives one point.  If the players/team tie, then the hole is halved. For example, in an 18-hole match, the first hole is a par 3 and Player A scores a 2 (birdie) and Player B scores a 3 (par); Player A is now 1-up with 17 to play. In the same match on the second hole, a par 3, Player A takes 5 strokes and Player B takes 3 (par); Player B wins the hole and the match is now "all square" with 16 to play. On the third hole, a par-3, both players/team take 3 strokes and the match is all square with 15 holes to play. Once a player/team is "up" more holes than there are holes remaining to play the match is over. For example, if after 12 holes Player A is 7-up with six left to play, Player A is said to have won the match "7 and 6".

A player/team that is leading by x holes with x holes remaining is said to be "dormie-x" or simply "dormie", meaning that they need one more halved hole to win the match (or that the other team must win all the remaining holes in order to halve the match). For example, if Player A is 2-up with 2 to play, he is dormie; the worst outcome for Player A at that point is a tie, unless the format calls for extra holes to determine a winner.

If someone playing doubles needs to leave midround, their partner must play the match as a singles round, until completion.

Odd Number/Extra Players

Abridged version

Extra player (may be 1 to 3) plays singles on a card with 2 other players (one on their team) and plays Irish Match Play.  Play out the round individually - winner gets 3 points for their team.  If two from the same team tie, but defeat the 3rd player - 3 points for their team.  If all tie/dormie - 1 point for each team.

Full version

An extra player(s), will form a card of 3 and play Irish Match Play (singles) with the most appropriate division/seeds.  Two of these players must be from the same team, so a team with the extra player is not given an unfair advantage of being able to score an additional 3 points.  This may ONLY occur in singles formats.  A points system will be assigned where as an outright win on a hole for a single player constitutes 1 points, a half of the hole for 2 players is equal to a 1/2 point.  This format allows an odd number of players to be included.  Regardless, whether the third player is on the same team as someone else on the card, they are individually playing the round to determine the winner of the match.

To determine team match points for Irish Match Play for 2 players on the same team - if one of the 2 players on the same team wins, the team will be awarded the points (3) for the match won.  If the 2 players from the same team are dormie, but are ahead of the 3rd player (on a different team), the team will be awarded 3 points for winning the match.  If one of the 2 players is dormie with the player 3rd player (on a different team), the teams will each receive 1 match point.

To determine team point differential in this format, the winner will take the difference from the 2nd highest point total on the card.  The lowest point total on the card will take their difference from the highest point total on the card.  The player with the 2nd point total on the card (if on the same team as the winner) will have an individual point differential applied to their individual score, but not to the team score.

Which player is odd person out will be determined by TCP officials.



3 points for each game won

1 point for each game tied

Max match points per game for a team of 4 is 9.

Max match points per game for a team of 5 is 10 (since the extra player will be playing a singles match with a teammate - best they may do is tie the opponent)

Game tiebreakers

  1. Point differential per match (total margin of win) - the difference of Holes Won to Holes Lost.

  2. CTP to determine the winner.  All team participants involved.  If more than 2, closest wins 1st, 2nd closest (from another team) wins 2nd, etc.

Season (Individual)

1 season point for each game win (every team member)

3 season point for each match won (regardless whether your team wins or losses that game) - applies to both singles and doubles.

1 season point for each match tied/dormie

1 season point for each the hole you win by against your opponents (the differential of holes won to holes lost). If you lose, no negative points will be applied to your season point total.

1 season point for attending

Regular-Season, Championship & Winnings

While this is team-based disc golf, there is an individual player regular-season point series.  Top 3 point totals on the season will be awarded prizes at the conclusion of the season.

At each game, there will be $3 per player applied to the winnings pool for that game (minus the entry for 1 TD).  Payout will be as follows:

2 to 4 teams - 100% to 1st place

4 to 8 teams - 75% to 1st place.  25% to 2nd place.

9 to 12 teams - 60% to 1st place.  30% to 2nd place.  10% to 3rd place.

13 to 16 teams - 50% to 1st place.  25% to 2nd place.  15% to 3rd place.  10% to 4th place.

17 teams or more - 47% to 1st place. 23% to 2nd place. 12% to 3rd place. 10% to 4th place. 8% to 5th place.

In addition to game winnings, there will be a Bag O’Bucks CTP - $1 of every entry will be applied to this CTP prize.

The $1 contributed to TCP will be applied to event expenses and trophies at the end of the season.

Course Rules

We will be using recognized course rules, OB designations and general PDGA rules for tournaments - any fouls will be determined by the group at the time of play.


In the event that there is a tie at the conclusion of the regular-season, the below tiebreakers will apply.

  1. Individual match winning percentage

  2. Match hole differential/margin (this does count negative margins)

  3. Team game wins

  4. Disc/Coin flip or CTP (determined by tied players)


Any expenses incurred for the Teamsters season will be posted on the site for the club to review.

TCP officials have the right to change the venue, rules, format and standings at any time.