Team Events

This page is to document the events and invitationals that our club participates in as a team.

Carolina Club Challenges (CCC)

CCC I - May 12, 2012 at Rocky Mount, NC (Sunset Park, Farmington Park, Englewood Park)
Format: Singles at Sunset Park, Doubles (captain's choice) at Farmington Park, Doubles (captain's choice) at Englewood Park)
Participants: TCP, Craven Chains
Results:  TCP over Craven Chains (9-7)
Winner: Triangle Chain Posse

CCC II - October 27, 2012 at Raleigh, NC (Zebulon, Cedar Hills)
Format: Doubles (captain's choice) at Zebulon, Singles at Cedar Hills, Doubles (6-6-6) at Cedar Hills
Participants: TCP, Craven Chains, RMDC (Rocky Mount), BCDC (Durham), MCDGA (Moore County)
Results:  Bull City - 11, TCP - 10, Rocky Mount - 10, Craven Chains - 6, Moore County - 3.
Winner: Bull City Disc Club

CCC III - March 3, 2013 at Greenville, NC (ECU, West Meadowbrook Park)
Format: Doubles (captain's choice) at ECU, Singles and Doubles (6-6-6) at West Meadowbrook.
Participants: TCP, Craven Chains, RMDC (Rocky Mount), MCDGA (Moore County), Greenville DGC, Onslow DGC
Results:  Greenville - 10.5, TCP - 9, Craven Chains - 8.5, Onslow - 8, Rocky Mount - 7.5, Moore County - 4.5
Winner: Greenville

CCC IV - November 10, 2013 at Pinehurst, NC (Village of Pinehurst DGC)
Format: TBD
Participants: TBD