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Tag Rules

It costs $12 to join and receive a tag.  Contact tcpdiscgolf@yahoo.com to join.  You will receive the lowest numbered bag tag available at the time.


  • Everyone is on their honor to conduct themselves according to the rules and within the spirit of competition. Have fun. It's only a tag. The purpose of the Bag Tag Challenge is to encourage friendly competition among the Triangle Chain Posse.
  • All challenges must be accepted.
  • Each player must have their Bag Tag at all times when playing.
  • Bag Tags must be plainly visible and cannot be hidden.
  • Challenges are to be made by choosing times and courses that are reasonable.
  • Friendly side wagers of any kind can be made at the discretion of the participants, but are NOT required.


  • The higher numbered Bag Tag (challenger) challenges a lower numbered Bag Tag (challengee).
  • Challenges can be by phone, computer or in person.
  • Only ONE challenge can be issued at a time.  The challenger can withdraw a challenge and make another challenge, but a challengee (one who was challenged) cannot reject a challenge.  Only one challenge can be accepted at a time.  If a player has a challenge issued, they cannot accept or make another challenge, unless their original challenge is withdrawn.  (Example:  Mike challenges Bobby.  Dave then challenges Mike.  Mike cannot accept Dave's challenge until the Bobby challenge is played or withdrawn.)
  • The challenge must be played in two (2) weeks from the day the challenge was issued or the challengee MUST forfeit the tag to the challenger and accept their tag position.  If the challenger can not meet that timeline, the challenge is void. Not showing up for a match results in a forfeit. (15 minute grace period).
  • The challenged player (lower numbered tag) picks the course, tees and format.  Format choices include: stroke play or match play but no doubles/triples etc. of any kind.  PDGA rules apply.  If the challenger wins the round, the tags are exchanged.  The challenged player cannot choose a course to defend their challenge more then one consecutive time.
  • The challenge should be completed using normal method of play - throwing with preferred hand, method and discs.  Examples of abnormal methods of play would be a one disc round, requirement to throw with a certain hand or method (forehand, backhand, etc), glow round, etc.  That said, if both parties agree, an abnormal method of play could be used in a challenge.
  • A challenger may make an exception to the challengee by allowing them to choose a course more than one consecutive time.  Example: #1 defended their tag at Cedar Hills and was challenged again and chooses the same course - Cedar Hills - as long as the challenger agrees to this.
  • Ties are subject to a 3-hole playoff - holes determined by the participants.  If the tie remains after 3 holes, then the winner will be the determined by sudden death.  However, if ALL players agree before the round starts; a separate playoff scenario can be determined.
  • A player cannot challenge the same player for at least 24 hours after after their initial challenge was completed.  A player can't challenge you, lose to you, and immediately challenge you again for another round.  However, if ALL parties agree, consecutive/multiple round challenges are allowed. Challenges MUST be verbally agreed upon at the beginning of EACH round.
  • A challenge can only be issued to a player who's bag tag value is not more than 3 positions lower than the challengers bag tag.  Example - if a player hold bag tag #6, the highest bag tag they can challenge is #3. EXCEPTION: If a player is inactive for any reason, that position may be skipped to facilitate keeping the challenge ladder intact.  In order to be listed inactive, you must inform a club official of your inactivity.
  • A player with a lower numbered tag can make an exception to the tag value being within 3 positions and offer a challenge option to a player(s) with a higher numbered tag, but that higher-numbered tag CANNOT initiate the challenge.  All challenge rules still apply - cannot have active challenges, etc.
  • Once purchased, tags are not vacated, but if a player does not want to participate any longer or they are unable to play for a period of time longer then 2 weeks (injury, vacation, etc.), then they will be placed on an inactive status (their name will be italicized, bolded and underlined in the tag status).  An active player that is below (and within 3 rankings) of an inactive player is able to skip that player and challenge the next available active player above them.  An example - Mike is #3, Bobby is #4, Jim is #5 and Tony is #6.  Bobby is unable to play due to going on a month vacation and sets himself inactive.  This allows Tony the opportunity to challenged Jim or Mike, since Mike is the next active available tag after Bobby.  If there were multiple players that are inactive above an active player, that player is able to skip all the inactive players.  In summary, you are able to challenge the next 3 ACTIVE players above you.  Inactive players cannot be challenged.
  • If a player refuses a challenge or does not respond within one week to a challenge, they will automatically be placed on an inactive status.  If they request to be active again, it must be approved by TCP club officials.
  • Incomplete round: If a player does not complete a bag tag challenge round, the exiting player should trade tags with the player with the highest tag number. If play is stopped by all players before the round is complete, no tags are exchanged. This could be due to hazardous weather, physical emergency or mutual agreement.


  • Players holding tags must update the club with the results of each challenge.  The winner of the challenge is responsible for reporting the results and date of the of the challenge to a club official.
  • Players wishing to get information as to who holds each tag may check TCP website

Lost Tags

  • When a tag is lost, contact tcpdiscgolf@yahoo.com and you will need to pay $15 and receive a replacement tag.
  • Contact tcpdiscgolf@yahoo.com with questions.