TCP bag tags are a fun way to have a little competition in your casual rounds and promote the TCP.  If you are new to bag tags, think "King of the Mountain".  The object is to win a lower-numbered tag until you eventually get to #1.  There is no formal event, points or win-loss records around tags - just bragging rights and have fun!

For the 2013/2014 tag season (runs April to April), the cost to become a tag member is $12, in which you will receive the lowest numbered tag available.  If you play in our doubles and singles events, there is no requirement to have/purchase a bag tag.  In addition, every April, we make all the tags available in a singles event called the Bag Tag Grab, which is held at Cedarock Park in Burlington, NC (Cedarock and Wellspring courses).

In addition to the fun of tag rounds, Alpine Ski Center in Raleigh, NC is offering 20% off any disc purchases if you show them your tag.

Below is the current TCP tag status...

TCP Tag Status

Complete rules are available in the tag subpages above.