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Super Classless Rules

The 2015 Super Classless season is a 6-game regular-season at rotating courses using only approved Super Class approved discs.

Venue is subject to change based on a tournament or existing event.  The round will not be moved, if you cannot attend.  If there is a local PDGA event on the day of the scheduled event, we will try to reschedule our event to a day that has the least amount of conflict.  Registration will start at 5:30 and rounds will start at 6:00. Start times and registration times may be subject to change based on the amount of daylight available.  The registration time period will be posted weekly on our website, Facebook, Twitter and Calendar.

Game 1 - July 15 - Valley Springs
Game 2 - July 29 - Kentwood
Game 3 - August 12 - Bethesda
Game 4 - August 26 - Middle Creek
Game 5 - September 9 - Cornwallis
Game 6 - September 23 - Cedar Hills

Entry and Event Winnings

In order to participate, each player will pay an entry fee of $4 for each event ($3 to your division payout, .50¢ to the club, .50¢ ace pool.)  Accepted forms of payment are cash or credit card. Yes, you read that correctly - credit cards are accepted as payment!  That said, a .33¢ fee will be applied to all credit card payments ($ 4.33).

Each player will need to declare which division they want to participate in - Professional or Amateur - at registration.

Professional division is for players that are considered Open and Advanced players according to the PDGA player rating system.  Players that have a PDGA rating around 920+ or better are recommended to participate in Open. Keep in mind these are Super Class discs, so while a higher rated player is encouraged to play in the higher division, experience throwing super class discs should also be a factor in deciding which division to play. Winnings are paid out in cash.

Amateur division is for players that are considered Intermediate and Recreational or Novice players according to the PDGA player rating system. Experience throwing super class discs will also play a factor in determining division.  Winnings are paid out in cash.

If you are unfamiliar with the rating system or have questions about which group you should participate in, please speak with club officials about your playing experience and we would be happy to recommend an appropriate division.

There must be at least 2 players in a division in order for the division to qualify, otherwise players will be combined into another division.

Sandbagging - while there is no rule against someone playing lower to their division, if the club determines that you are sandbagging - playing in a lower division than your skill - you will not be invited to additional TCP events and forfeit your contributions.

All events will occur on Wednesday afternoons/evenings.  In the event that a local PDGA event is occurring on the same day, the TCP club officials have the right to reschedule the singles event to not cause a conflict for players.

Players are limited to Super Class approved discs only, found on the PDGA's website here. If a player is seen using unapproved discs he will be assessed a 2 stroke penalty without a warning and will be subject to disqualification in accordance with PDGA rule 801.02E. 

TD will discuss course guidelines, OB, and other rules during your registration.


Event payouts will be determined by both the number of players in a division.  Payout will be the top 30% in each division, with 5 spots being the maximum number of places paid out. Example: If 3-5 players are in a division - 1st place is paid out. 6-8 - 2 places. 9-11 - 3 places. 12-14 - 4 places. 15+ players - 5 places. These are just guidelines and may change at the event, since payout depends on the overall player participation and amount in the winning payout pool.

In addition, there is .50¢ applied to the ace pool for all Super Class events that will continue to accumulate from round to round until the ace pool is hit.  Once the ace is hit, the player that hits that ace will be awarded the pool and it will start over in the next round.  If at the end of the singles season the ace pool is not hit or there are funds still available, then they will be applied to another league and/or applied to league expenses.


Players will be competing for the least number of strokes under par at the end of the 6-game season. After the end of the sixth event, a season champion will be crowned for both divisions, along with awards to top players. In the event of a tie after the end of the season, the top spot will be awarded to the player with more wins, followed by the most amount of cash won, and if still tied, a CTP throwoff. To ensure fairness, the worst score (based on number of strokes to a course's par) will be dropped at the end of the season. This is to help encourage attendance, but also for those that may not be able to make each event. If a player only makes 5 (or less) games over the season, then all of his scores will be added without having one dropped. 

The lowest score after a round in their respective division gets first place, then the next lowest score gets second place, etc.  If there is a tie score for first place in any division at the end of the event, There will either be a split of winnings or a CTP throw-off. While those players tied may choose to split or throw-off, the TD will determine the setting for the CTP throw-off.