TCP Springles Rules

2018 Spingles, is a 10-game disc golf singles season that utilizes the PDGA league options - meaning regular-season rounds for registered PDGA players are rated.  There is no requirement to be a registered PDGA member to participate. 


Venue is subject to change based on a tournament or existing event.  The round will not be moved, if you cannot attend.  If there is a local PDGA event on the day of the scheduled event, we will try to reschedule our event to a day that has the least amount of conflict.  These will be flex-start tournaments, meaning you may start your round after registration.  Registration for events will start at 4:30pm and end depending on the amount of daylight available, likely 6pm.  This registration time period will be posted weekly on our website, Facebook, Twitter and Calendar.

April 18 - Kentwood

April 25 - Cornwallis

May 2 - Cedar Hills

May 9 - Middle Creek

May 16 - Valley

May 23 - Swinging DB's

May 30 - UNC

June 6 - Zebulon

June 13 - Jones Park

June 20 - Clayton

Entry and Event Winnings

In order to participate, each player will pay an entry fee of $5 for each event ($2.50 to your division payout, $0.50 to Open division payout, $1 ace pool, $0.50 to PDGA & $0.50 to TCP).  There is no additional cost for non-PDGA members to participate in the league.  

Each player will need to declare which division they want to participate in - Open, Advanced or Amateur - at registration.

Open division is for players that are considered Open and Advanced players according to the PDGA player rating system.  Players that have a PDGA rating around 920+ or better are recommended to participate in Open.  Winnings are paid out in cash.

Advanced division is for players that are considered lower-level Intermediate and high-level Recreational players according to the PDGA player rating system.  Players that have a PDGA rating from 870-920 are recommended to participate in Advanced.  Winnings are paid out in cash.

Amateur division is for players that are Recreational or Novice players according to the PDGA player rating system.  Players that have a PDGA rating below 870 are recommended to participate in Recreational.  Winnings are paid out in Disc Hunt credit only, which is redeemable at any singles event or

If you are unfamiliar with the rating system or have questions about which group you should participate in, please speak with club officials about your playing experience and we would be happy to recommend an appropriate division.

There must be at least 2 players in a division in order for the division to qualify, otherwise players will be combined into another division.

Sandbagging - while there is no rule against someone playing lower to their division, if the TD determines that you are sandbagging - playing in a lower division than your skill - you will not be invited to additional TCP events and forfeit your contributions.

All events will occur on Wednesday afternoons/evenings.  In the event that a local PDGA event is occurring on the same day, the TCP club officials have the right to reschedule the singles event to not cause a conflict for players.

We will be using a flex-start for these events to better accommodate everyone's schedule, except for the postseason games.  Please arrive within the registration time period.  It will start at 4:30pm and end depending on time of year, course and available daylight - typically 6pm.  This will be clearly defined before any event.  ONCE REGISTRATION IS CLOSED, THERE WILL BE NO MORE ENTRIES!  We are strictly adhering to this!

Playing groups must have a minimum of 3 players, in order to be able to start their round.  If you arrive solo or not with enough players to start a round, we will pair you with a group to meet the minimum requirement of 3.  If you are unable to play with 3 players, then a third person must accompany the group of 2 and act as an official.  Only in extenuating circumstances will a card of 2 be able to go play.

The TD will discuss course guidelines, OB, rules during your registration.  In addition, course rules will be available on the back of your scorecard.

After your round, please leave your scorecard in the scorecard drop box (will be explained at registration) if a TCP official/TD isn't present.  If you play your round and fail to leave your scorecard in the scorecard drop box after the round, it will be considered to be deliberately manipulating your player rating through intentional withdrawal and receive a result code of "888".  For more information on this rule, please see the PDGA site.


Event payouts will be determined by both the number of players in a division and the number of players at an overall event.  Since this is a flex-start league, you do NOT need to be present to receive your winnings.  After the final card is submitted, TCP officials/TD will choose a venue (close to the course and will be announced at registration) to tally scores and determine winners.  If you are present at the time of the tally, you may take your winnings.  If you are not present, we will send your winnings via PayPal or hold your winnings to be received at the next event you attend.  UNLESS STATED PRIOR, WE WILL NOT BE DOING PAYOUTS AT THE COURSE IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE ROUND!

$.50 of every entry is being applied to the Open division's winnings!  Those that earn winnings in Open and Advanced will receive cash.  Those that earn winnings in Amateur will receive merch vouchers to be redeemed at any event or on

Division payout guidelines are as follows:  up to 4 players in a division - 100% will be paid to the division winner.  5 to 7 players in a division - top 2 will be paid out.  8 to 10 players in a division - top 3 will be paid out.  11 to 13 players in a division - top 4 will be paid out.  14 to 17 players a division - top 5 will be paid out.  18 to 21 players a division - top 6 will be paid out.  22 to 24 - top 7 will be paid out in a division.  25+ players in a division - top 8 will be paid out.  These are just guidelines and may change at the event, since payout depends on the overall player participation and amount in the winning payout pool.

In addition, there is a $1 applied to the ace pool for all singles events that will continue to accumulate from round to round until the ace pool is hit.  Once the ace is hit, the player that hits that ace will be awarded the pool and it will start over in the next round.  If at the end of the singles season the ace pool is not hit or there are funds still available, then they will be applied to another league and/or applied to league expenses.


Players will be awarded points (listed below) for their performance in the event.  The lowest score from the round in their respective division gets first place, then the next lowest score gets second place, etc.  If there is a tie score for first place in any division at the end of the event, winnings will be split and same point totals will apply.  With being a flex-start event, tied players might not be available for a playoff.

1 point for attendance (must pay and play at least one hole to qualify for this point)
1 point for each stroke under "points par*" - which will be announced prior to round (example - if you finish 15 strokes under "points par", you get 15 points)
*Points par is a "false par" based on the SSE calculation on for a particular course and applying 20 additional strokes.  The reason we are basing points off a "false par" is evenly distribute points awarded when playing difficult courses versus easy courses and place as much season point value in a low score as compared to the number of players you defeat.  Where there is no SSE option (a course not listed on the website), we will manually determine the "points par".  Players may not lose points for being over par.
1 point for every player you defeat in your division
5 points to the first place player in division
3 points to the second place player in division
1 point to third place player in division

While CTPs might be determined prior to the round for additional prizes, they will not be applied to point totals.

PDGA League

This season is sanctioned by the PDGA, meaning that your rounds will be rated and applied to your PDGA rating and point totals.  In order to produce round ratings, we must have at least 5 active PDGA players registered with ratings above 799.  For more information regarding PDGA leagues, please view thePDGA site.


We will be using recognized course OB designations and general PDGA rules for tournaments.


In the event that there is a tie for the season champion at the season, the following tiebreakers will be applied:

  1. Most event wins
  2. Most total points (every game they played - more than 8)
  3. Most under par (every game)
  4. Most attended events
  5. Highest PDGA rated round during the season
  6. Random selection