TCP Hot Singles presented by Today Creative

TCP Hot Singles presented by Today Creative, is a 10-game season (+2 week playoff) with a $5 entry-fee that is played every Wednesday at rotating courses from May 18 to August 3.  Playoffs will take place August 10 and August 17.  The regular-season rounds will be flex-start, 1 round, singles tournaments, meaning you may start at anytime between the designated registration times.  Typically, registration will start at 4:30pm and final registration time will depend on daylight availability (registration times for each event will be posted weekly on our website, Facebook page, Twitter & Calendar), but typically by 6pm.  Entry-fee is $5 (includes ace pool).  Rules and current standings can be found in the TCP Hot Singles subpages and the TCP Hot Singles schedule can be found on our Calendar.  There are 4 divisions offered - Open, Masters, Advanced and Amateur.  All skill levels are welcome, so come out and join us.  If you have any questions, please email us at

Past Singles Champions

2015 - Jeb Bryant
2014 - Luke Schmalfeld
2013 - Terry Gallops
2012 - Nate Brewer

2015 - Brett Thompson
2014 - Kevin Wiggins
2013 - Jason Gebland
2012 - Ken Piedrahita

2015 - Tony Brand
2014 - Grayson Hodges
2013 - Diana Parisi

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