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So You Think You Can Putt Rules

So You Think You Can Putt Rules is a 10-game season.

2015 Schedule

Registration for all games will be from 6pm to 6:25pm (there are no more entries after 6:25pm).  Games will start at 6:45pm.

Growler Grlz is located at 4810 Hope Valley Road, Suite 110, Durham, NC 27707
Deep River Brewing is located at 700 West Main Street, Clayton, NC 27520

Game 1 - May 8 at Growler Grlz
Game 2 - May 15 at Deep River Brewing.
Game 3 - June 12 at Growler Grlz
Game 4 - June 19 at Deep River Brewing
Game 5 - July 10 at Growler Grlz
Game 6 - July 17 at Deep River Brewing
Game 7 - August 7 at Growler Grlz
Game 8 - August 14 at Deep River Brewing
Game 9 - September 11 at Growler Glrz
Game 10 - September 18 at Deep River Brewing

Entry and Winnings

In order to participate, each player will pay an entry fee of $5 for each round.  $4 of that fee will be applied to the round winnings.  $1 of the event is applied to the club for expenses (awards).  If under 10 players attending, the top team will be awarded the payout.  If more than 10 players attend, the top 2 teams will be awarded the payout.  There are NO payouts for 3rd place.  In addition to payout, hosting venue will award prizes to the winning team.


For the purpose of the standings, there are no divisions in putting, it is a single division.  For the games, teams will be determined randomly.  If there are an odd number of players, one player will play "Cali".  The player to play "Cali" will be determined randomly after pairing of players.  The player selected as "Cali" will take all the shots/putts.  If there are an odd number of teams, 2 players will play "Cali" to even out the teams.  The players to play "Cali" will be determined randomly after pairing of players.  The players selected as "Cali" will take all the shots/putts. 

Game Play

Teams will compete against an opposing team.  Each putting station/area will be 25-30 feet from the basket.  You and your partner will throw from opposite sides against your opponent (example - cornhole).  Players will throw 2 shots, alternating shots with their opponent.  If you make one shot, your team gets one point.  If you make both shots, your team gets 3 points.  Individual games are played to 11 points.  You must win by 2 points.  All discs are thrown for each turn (i.e. - if you hit 11 points, but your opponent still has a shot remaining, they get to take that shot.

There are 4 games played by each team (3 games if a large amount of participants attend at Growler Grlz).  The top 4 teams - best winning percentage - will face off in a semifinal and the 2 winners will play a finals match to determine that week's winner.  If there are ties for the final 4 spots - the following tiebreaker will be applied:  1) Team with the better point differential in 4 games will advance 2) 4 point playoff match (win by 2).

Round Scoring

Points are determined for each member of the team based on point/putts made per game (4 rounds to qualify for each week's final), first place points and attendance.

3 points to each player in attendance
3 points for each game win (this doesn't apply to the semifinal and final round)
5 points to each player on the first place team
3 points to each player on the second place team
1 point to each player on the semifinal losing teams.

Season Champion

The player with the highest point total over 10 games at the end of the season will win the season championship.  Currently, the top player will be the only one to receive a trophy.  If we have enough participation - 2nd and 3rd place players will be awarded trophies.


In the event that there is a tie for the season champion at the season, the following tiebreakers will be applied:
  1. Playoff - Singles Round
  2. Most event wins
  3. Most attended events


Club officials have the right to change the venue, rules, format and standings at any time.