When will I receive my merchandise?

We expect merchandise to be available within 2 1/2 weeks after we order from the supplier.

How will I receive my merchandise?

Despite the mentioning of shipping from the Paypal merchant application after you order, since we are not a retail business, we are not arranging a shipping process.  This will keep the pricing of these items low.  You will receive notification when your merchandise is available.  You are able to pick it up from our supplier, Kustom Koozies, 3125 Gresham Lake Drive, #105, Raleigh, NC.

What if my size is not available?

If you find that your size is not available, please email us at and we will confirm with the supplier if there are other size options.  Please keep in mind, this request might have a different cost associated with it.

How do the shirts/hoodies fit?

 Per our prior orders, the performance shirts, seem to be accurately sized.  The cotton long-sleeve, short-sleeve shirts and hooded sweatshirt seem to fit snugly.  While they are accurate in sizing, if you like a baggier shirt/hooded sweatshirt, we would recommend a size larger than your normal size.

Is PayPal the only payment option?

The PayPal options available via this site are the preferred payment options, since it integrates payment and order management.  PayPal allows you to associate a credit card or bank account with it for ease of management.  If you do not choose to utilize PayPal, you are welcome to submit an order via CASH ONLY to Mike DeCellis along with your order request.  Pre-payment is the ONLY way you are able to order merchandise.  There are no exceptions to this.