The Gordy Games

Gordy Games 2016

The Gordy Games are a way to enjoy a unique round of disc golf - other than your typical singles or doubles round.  Named after Gordy Lewis, who originally suggested the idea of having "atypical" rounds, these are scheduled events (typically on alternating Wednesdays when our Doubles league is not playing) with a small entry-fee ($2) associated with them - all will be applied to the payout.  There are no on-going standings, championships or any other tracking - just a fun way to get together for some unique rounds.

The Gordy Games will be each Wednesdays, from August 31 to October 19, at 6pm at rotating courses throughout the Triangle.  Below is a view of the schedule along with the type of game/event that will be played at that course.

2016 Gordy Games Schedule

 Date Course Event
 Aug 31
Cedar Hills
Random Disc (Everyone brings one disc. Each is randomly assigned to a player to use throughout the round)
 Sept 7
Valley SpringsRed-White-Blue (Rotating tees played based on result of prior hole. *Birdie=Blue pad, Par=White, Bogey+=Red) 
 Sept 14
Jones ParkWorst-shot/Metal Madness (Worst-Shot doubles and baskets are object holes - just hitting metal to hole out)
 Sept 21
UNCTailgate Doubles (Player must take next shot before partner's disc lands *Outside the circle*) 
 Sept 28
Middle CreekPutter only round (Putters are being classified as any disc with a distance of 262' or below on Inbounds Flight Chart:
 Oct 5ZebulonTemp Teepads
 Oct 12
ApexHan Solo (Only one disc may be used throughout the round)
 Oct 19KentwoodMando Madness