Glow Doubles

2016/2017 Glow Doubles, sponsored by sponsored by Michael Kirsch, your favorite mortgage lender, and Julie Moore with Greener Grass Real Estate..  It is a 12-game season played every Wednesday at rotating courses from November 9 to February 15.  Registration will start around 6:30pm.  Player's meeting at 6:45pm.  Rounds will start at 7pm.  Entry fee is $6 ($3 to payout, $1 to ace pool, $1 to hosting course/club, $1 to TCP).  Rules and current standings can be found in the Glow Doubles subpages.  Teams are paired semi-randomly, based on skill - to field the most competitive teams.

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Previous Glow Doubles Champions

2015/2016 - Nate Tomlinson
2014/2015 - Drew Ely
2013/2014 - Nate Brewer
2012/2013 - Mike Kirsch