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Doubles Rules

TCP Doubles is a 9-game regular-season 3-game postseason using the "Captain's Choice" method of doubles.

2013 Schedule

Venue is subject to change based on a tournament or existing event.  The round will not be moved, if you cannot attend.  All rounds will tee off at 6:00pm, so register by 5:30pm.

April 17 - Game 1 at Cedar Hills
May 1 - Game 2 at Bethesda Park
May 15 - Game 3 at Middle Creek
May 29 - Game 4 at Zebulon
June 12 - Game 5 at Valley Springs
June 26 - Game 6 at Kentwood
July 10 - Game 7 at Buckhorn
July 24 - Game 8 at UNC
August 7 - Game 9 at Cornwallis
August 21 - Quarterfinals at Bethesda Park
September 4 - Semifinals at Valley Springs
September 18 - Championship at UNC

Entry and Winnings

In order to participate, each player will pay an entry fee of $5 for each round, ace pool included.  $3 of that fee will be applied to the round winnings (1 to 6 players - payout to 1st place.  7 to 15 players - payout to 1st and 2nd.  16 to 24 players - payout to 1st through 3rd.  25 to 32 players - payout to 1st through 4th.  33 or more players - payout to 1st through 5th.)  $1 will be applied to the ace pool.  $0.50 will be applied to a championship pool to be awarded at the end playoffs.  $0.50 of the event is applied to the club for expenses, since there are fees required in order to organize some these night rounds.  Any extra funds outside of club maintenance costs, will be applied to the Singles or Glow Doubles seasons.

The ace pool will accumulate from round to round.  A player that hits that ace will be awarded the pool and it will start over in the next round.  If more than one player hits the ace pool during a game, it will be divided between the players evenly - regardless of when the ace was achieved.  If the ace pool is not hit, then it will be applied to the following Glow Doubles season.


For the purpose of the standings, there are no divisions in doubles, it is a single division.  Although doubles teams will be determined by the PDGA division classification - Open, Advanced, Intermediate, Recreational, Novice - based on the PDGA division system.  Ideally, Open players will be paired with Recreational players.  Advanced players will be paired with Intermediate players, etc.  In summary, we will attempt to match the highest and lowest skill levels in order to field the most fair teams.  Players will declare which division they want to be in, but actual division assignment is up to TCP officials.

If there are an odd number of players, one player will play "Cali".  The player to play "Cali" will be determined randomly after pairing of players.  Our "Cali" rules depend on the division a player is in.  If a player is in Open or Advanced - they will only get 1 extra shot per hole - outside of the putting circle (10 meters).  If the player is Intermediate, Recreational, Novice they will get 2 extra shots per hole (not an extra shot at each lie, but an extra shot per hole) - outside of the putting circle (10 meters).  "Cali" player will only have ONE opportunity to putt within 10 meters (30 feet) of the basket.

If less then 3 players attend an event, each participant will play the round "Cali" - following the division restrictions identified.  If only a single player attends the event, they will play the round "Cali" and be able to score points based on their results.

If a player's partner quits during the round, that remaining player may play "Cali" depending on their division classification.

Round Scoring

Points are determined for each member of the team based on score under course par, # of teams they defeat, first place points and attendance.

1 point to each player in attendance
1 point to each player for each stroke under course par - announced prior to round (example - if you finish 6 strokes under course par, you get 6 points)
1 point to each player on a team for every team you defeat (only applies normal regulation - not playoff play)
5 points to each player on the first place team
3 points to each player on the second place team
1 point to each player on the third place team

Wins for an event is the highest point total from the round only (points do not count for the round, but do count in the overall points).  If there is a tie for first place, than the teams will play a 1-hole playoff to determine the winner.  If still tied, the teams will play sudden death - single playoff holes until a winner is determined.

Course Rules

We will be using recognized course rules, OB designations and general PDGA rules for tournaments - any fouls will be determined by the group at the time of play.  

Royal Rule - If you pick up both lies or pickup your lie and cannot find your partner's lie, there is a penalty of +2 strokes and you must re-tee.  Don't pick up your lie until you have determined which lie to play.


The top 7 players (highest total points) will qualify for the Doubles Playoffs.

After the final event, each player will choose their partner for the entire playoffs.  Your partner will be based on the division you played (most frequently) during the season.  If you played Open, your partner must be an Intermediate or Recreational player.  If you played Advanced, your partner must be a Recreational, Intermediate or Advanced player.  If you played Intermediate or Recreational, you may select a player from any division that qualifies.

The 1st place player will choose a player first, 2nd place player choosing 2nd, 3rd place choosing 3rd and so on until all 7 players have selected a playoff partner.  The partner chosen must have played in at least 4* doubles events during the season.  Selection of a player means that the partner player has confirmed and committed to be your partner.  This partner will be your partner throughout the playoffs.  Once selected, you cannot choose another player unless that selected player is injured or unavailable.  If this occurs, the partner chosen must not have played in the Doubles Playoffs pool.  Players eliminated from the playoffs are not able to be selected.

*if no players are available, please consult with a TCP official about your options.

Courses and dates for the playoffs are already scheduled.  If a qualifying player CANNOT make the date, they will be eliminated and forfeit.

For the Quarterfinals - #1 seed will get an automatic bid in the Semifinals.  The lowest 3 scores will advance to the semifinals.  For the Semifinals - the lowest 2 scores will advance to the Championship.  For the Championship - the lowest score will be the winner.  There are no points in the playoffs - only lowest score (fewest strokes).

The winner of the Doubles Championship will win 75% of the collected pool (not ace pool) minus expenses throughout the season.  The runner-up will win 25% of the collected pool (not ace pool).

Ace Pool Note - the ace pool is NOT active in the playoffs.

There is no $5 event fee to play in the Doubles Playoffs or Championship.


In the event that there is a points tie in the regular-season rankings at the end of the season, the following tiebreakers will be applied:
  1. Most event wins
  2. Lowest shared cumulative round score (at least 4 rounds from the same venue/course)
  3. Most attended events
  4. Most 2nd place finishes
  5. Most 3rd place finishes
  6. Most 4th place finishes
  7. Most 5th place finishes
  8. CTP - 5 throws - at the final event to determine the winner


Any expenses incurred for the doubles season will be posted on the site for the club to review.

Club officials have the right to change schedule, rules, format and standings at any time.